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  Is this Dr.Carters office? 请问这是卡特医生的办公室吗?

  Im sorry to call you so late. 对不起这么晚打电话来。

  Im sorry to bother you at this hour. 很抱歉在这时打扰你。

  I hope Im not disturbing you 我希望我没打扰您

  I hope I didnt wake you up 但愿没吵醒您

  Itnothing. Who do you wish to talk to? 没关系,你想找谁?

  Hello? Whos that? 喂?你是谁?

  Hello? Whos speaking? 喂?请问你是谁?

  Whos calling,please? 请问你是哪位?

  Who would you like to talk/speak to? 你想跟谁通话?

  Who are you? 你是谁?

  Can you hear me? 你听到得到吗?

  This is Jack Byrnes. 我是杰克.伯恩斯。

  Arthur Brooks speaking. 我是亚瑟.布鲁克。

  Hello? This is toby speaking 喂,我是陶贝

  Hello? Its Sarah Whos calling? 喂,我是莎拉,谁打电话给我呢?

  Its Me 是我呀

  Hello, Is Bingbing at home? 喂,兵兵在家吗?

  Is micheal there? 迈克尔在吗?

  Is he there? 他在吗?

  Hello? Is Peter in? 喂? 请问彼得在吗?

  May I speak to Mr.Gates? 我可以和盖茨先生通话吗?

  Can I talk to Mark? 我可以跟马克讲话吗?

  Id like to speak to Carol 我想和克莱尔通话

  This is Honey Daniels calling for Michael Ellis. 我是甜心.丹尼尔,请找迈克尔.埃利斯。

  This is a collect call from... 这是从...打来的被叫付费电话。

  Yesspeaking 是的,请讲

  Speaking 说吧(我就是)

  Good morning. Carol here 早上好,我是卡瑞尔

  Hi!Glad/nice to hear from you !很高兴能听到你的声音

  hellothiss the Sunny Club 喂,这里是小太阳俱乐部

  Im xiaowei,Are you toby? 我是小伟,你是陶贝吗?

  Can I talk to you now? 现在方便讲电话吗?

  Have any business with me? 找我有事吗?


  May I have the extention 123? 可以帮我转123分机吗?

  Would you please give me extention 123? 可以帮我转123分机吗?

  Extention 2584, please 请转接3584

  Please stay on the line. 请不要挂断电话。

  Hold on,please. Ill connect you to Mrs. Smith 请不要挂电话,我会帮你接给史密斯太太

  Dont hang up. 别挂断(电话)

  One moment,please. Ill put you through 请稍等,我为您接通

  Mrs. Smith,telephone 史密斯太太,你的电话

  Yes,he is. One moment,please. 他在,请稍等。

  Sure. Ill go get her. 当然,我这就叫她。

  Hold on a moment,please. Ill fetch him up 请等一下,我去把他找来

  Hang on. Ok? Let me see if hes here 等一下,好吗? 我看看他在不在

  Hold the line, Ill see if hes in 等一下,我去看一看他在不在

  This phone call for Mr Barry. 贝先生的电话。

  hes on his way 他很快就来(他已经在路上了)

  He is in Mr.Bakers office right now. You can reach him at 126-1426 他现在在贝克先生办公室,你打136-1426就可以找到他


  No,he is not in 不,他没在

  Sorry. Shes not here at the moment 对不起,她这会儿不在这

  Hes not here right now. 他现在不在这里。

  Hes not available right now 他现在不在

  Hes just stepped out 他刚刚出去

  Shes here just now 她刚才还在这儿呢

  Wont any one else do? 由别人来听可以吗?

  Do you have any idea where he is? 你知道他在哪里吗?

  Could you tell me where I can reach her? 能不能告诉我在哪里可以找到她?

  Do you know when he will be back 你知道他什么时候会回来吗?

  Sorry. I dont know 抱歉,我不知道

  Im sorry,but he didnt leave word 对不起,他没交待

  Maybe she is in the toilet 她可能去洗手间了

  He is out of town on business 他出差了

  He should be back in 30 minutes 他应该30分钟后会回来

  Im afraid she wont be back till 4 oclock 恐怕他要4点钟才能回来

  She wont be back today 她今天不回来了

  Please tell her that I called 请转告她我打过电话来了

  Any message for him? 留口信给他吗?

  Can/Could you leave a message? 你能否留个口信吗?

  Would you like to leave a message? 你愿意留个口信吗?

  Is there any message for her? 有话要留给她吗?

  Do you want to leave word for him to call you? 你想留话让他给你打电话吗?

  Can I leave a message? 我能留个言吗?

  Can/May I take a message? 我能留个言吗?

  Can I give him a message? 我能给他留个言吗?

  Can I tell him something for you? 你能给我捎个话吗?

  Of course. Hold on for just a second so I can grab the pen and paper 当然,稍等一下,我来拿笔和纸

  Ill be sure he gets your message 我一定会替你转达的

  Ill tell him you called 我会告诉他你打过电话

  Shall I tell him that you called? 需要我告诉他你来过电话吗?

  Can I have her call you back? 要不要让我请她给你打电话?

  You wanna mark to call you back 你想让马克给你回电话

  Should I tell him youll call back, or do you want him to call you? 要我告诉他,您会再打来还是叫他打给你

  Could you please tell him that I will call him at 10:00 AM tomorrow. thank you. 谢谢,请转告他我明天早上十点再打给他

  Please have her return my call. 请她回电话给我。

  Could you ask him to call me back? 可以请他给我回电话吗?

  Would you mind having him call me back sometime tomorrow? 请您叫他明天什么时间给我打个回电吧?

  When he come backcan you have him call me at (201)5651212? 他回来后,能不能让他打(201)5651212这个号码给我呢?

  May I have your number? 可以告诉我你的号码吗?

  My number is 83043125 我的电话号码是83043125

  Okno problem! 好的,没问题!

  Ill have him call you as soon as hes back 他一回来,我就叫他给你打电话

  Its urgent. Could I have her mobile phone number? 我有急事,可不可以告诉我她的手机号码?

  Im very sorry, but I cant give out her number without her consent 对不起,未经她同意我不能公开她的号码

  Do you want his phone number? 你要不要他的电话号码?

  Ill call her again. 我会再打给她

  Ill call back later. 我稍后会再打来

  I can phone again leter 我会迟会儿再打来

  Ill try another call in half an hour 过半小时我再打电话试试


  Why didnt you call me? 你为什么不打电话给我?

  I called,but the line was busy 我打给你了,但线路忙

  I tried to call you several time yesterday 昨天我给你打了好几次电话

  Oh,I have so many frends and always talking on the phone 我有很多朋友而且总喜欢讲电话

  Youre always talking on the phone 你总是爱煲电话粥

  The line is busy.Please redial later 电话线路忙,请稍后再拨

  I cantt get through 我打不通

  No one answers the phone 没人接听电话

  Can you get it? My hands are tied. 你能不能去接电话? 我现在不能接

  Sorry, he cant come to the phone right now 对不起,他现在有事不能来接电话

  He is tied up right now. He is in a meeting 他现在无法接听电话,他正在开会

  He is on another line 他正在接另外一个电话

  He is working 他正忙着呢

  He has a guest right now 他现在有客人

  We are unable to take your phone at the moment 我们这时候不能接听你的电话

  Could you tell me when hell be available? 请问他什么时候有空?

  Maybe hell be free in an hour 大概一小时以后吧

  Would you mind calling back later? 你介意稍后再打来吗?

  Ill call back later 我待会再给他打电话吧

  Ill call you back in five minutes. 我五分钟后回你电话。

  Could you call me later? 等一会儿打给我好吗?

  Im going to call you later 我过一会打电话给你

  Im gonna have to call you back. 我一会儿打给你。

  But I have something pressing 但我有急事

  Ill get right back to you 我会马上回你电话

  Youve reached Emily, Leave a message. 有已经接通艾米莉,请留言。

Please leave a message at the tone 请在“嘟”声后留言


  Im sorry, theres no one named Anna here. Are you sure you have the right name? 对不起,这里没有人家安娜,你确认是这个名字吗?

  Im sorry, but I dont know that name. You must have the wrong number 对不起,我不知道这个名字,你一定是打错了

  Im sorry, but Theres nobody here by this name. 抱歉,这里没有这个人

  Wrong number 错了

  Im sorry, Im afraid you ve got the wrong number 抱歉,恐怕你打错电话了

  I think you have the wrong number 我认为你打错号码了

  You dialed the wrong number 你拨了个错误的号码

  What number are you calling? 你拨打的号码是什么?

  What number did you dial? 你拨的号是多少?

  What number are you trying to dial? 你拨的是什么号码?

  Its 421-5562. Isnt it right? 421-5562,不对吗?

  No. It isnt. Its 421-5582. 不是,这里是421-5582

  Im sorry to have bothered you 对不起打扰你了

  Sorry, I dialed the wrong number 对不起,我打错了

  Im sorry I have got the wrong number 对不起,我打错了

  I must have dialed a wrong number 我一定拨错号了

  Never mind 没关系

Thats all right 没关系


  I cant hear you very well. 我听不太清楚。

  Sorry. I didnt quit catch that 对不起,我没听清楚

  Would you speak more slowly? 你能再说慢一点吗?

  Could you speak up a little? 你能在大声一点吗?

  Could you speak louder,please? 你能大点声说好吗?

  Would you speak more clearly? 你能再说清楚一点吗?

  I beg you pardon? 能请你再说一遍吗?

  Could you repeat that, please? 能请你再说一遍吗?

  Pardon? 请再说一遍好吗?

Excuse me? 抱歉(请再说一遍)?


  Whats wrong with your cellphone? 你的手机怎么了?

  Theres something wrong with the phone 电话出了点毛病

  The line went dead 刚才电话断了

  There is a lot of background noise here. 有好多杂音。

  I think we have a bad connection. 我想线路情况很差。

  I think weve got a bad line. 我想我们的线路很差。

  Sorry,the number you dialed has been powered off 对不起,你拨的号码已关机

  Your mobile phone was power off. 你的手机关机了。

  His cellphone has no service 他的手机没有服务(停机了)

  My mobile phone is out of service. 我的手机停机了。

  My cell phone is dead. 我的手机没电了。

  The battery of my mobile phone is dead. 我的手机没电了。

  I have to get the battery charged. 我得给手机充电。

  There is no signal. 没有信号。

  There is no signal in this area. 这个地区没有信号。

  I cant get a signal out here. 我这收不到信号。

  Your cellphone could not be reached. 你的手机不在服务区。

  The number you called is out of our servce 你拨的电话已经超出我们的服务范围

  Your number was not available. 你的手机无法接通。

  It cant receive the signal as usual. 它不能正常接收信号。

  Your call could not be connected. Please try again later. 你拨打的电话暂时无法接通,请稍后再拨

  Sorry, the number you have called is no longer available 对不起,你拨的电话现在已经是空号了

My cell phone stopped working in this area 我的手机在这个区域就接收不到任何信息


  Its nice to talk to you 和你通电话很高兴

  Well,thank you for calling 谢谢你来电

  It was nice of you to call 谢谢你打电话过来

  I think I must be going now 我想我该走了

  I have to go. 我得挂电话了。

  I have to hang up now 我得挂电话了

  Ive got to hang up. 我要挂电话了。

  My other line is ringing. I must say goodbye now. 我的另一部电话响了。我得跟你说再见了。

  Give me a call 给我打电话

  Give me a call if you get a chace 有空,给我打电话

  To call me/To telephone me/To phone me 打电话给我

  Speak to you again 在联络

  Take care. Good-bye 保重,再见


  May I use your phone? 我可以借您的电话用一下吗?

  Would you mind if I use your phone? 你不介意我用你的电话吧?

  Can I use your cell phone? 我可以借用你的手机吗?

  No,Im waiting for a call right now 不行,我现在正在等电话呢

  Ill only take a minute 我只打1分钟


  My balance is not enough. 我的电话余额不足了。

  The balance on my account is not sufficient for a call. 我账户上的余额不够打一个电话了。

  I have to charge my account. 我得充值了。


  Dont text during class. 课堂上别发短信。

  You text too often. 你短信发的太多了。

  Whore you texting? 你在给谁发短信?

  Ill text you the address. 我会把地址发给你。

  Ill text you the details. 我短信发给你详细信息。


  How can I reach you? 我怎么和你联系?

  Youre not returning my calls. 你不回我的电话。

  Oh,heres my name card and this is my cell phone number 这是我的名片,这是我的手机号码

  What kind of telephone do you use? 你用什么电话呢?

  How do I get an outside line? 如何打外线?

  I can use public phones at public places 我可以在公共场所用公用电话

  Can I get a new phone line? 我可以申请一部电话吗?

  May I have a phone card please? 我能买一张电话卡吗?

  I want to make a long distance call 我想打个长途电话

  Teds office has twelve telephone lines 泰德的办公室有12条电话线路

  Do you own a cellular phone? 你有手机吗?

  Shes made calls out, none came in. 只有她打出去,没有打进来过。


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